Guide to building a personal brand.

Are you surprised by how I put the words together? Personal Brand?? Well don’t be, there’s a brand for everything.But do keep in mind that building a personal brand is not so easy.Like there’s so much of everything around you.There’s probably another Joe or Jack or whatever your name is, believe me you’re not the only one in this world! Or are you really so stubborn? 🙂

Some of you might be thinking of a reason  why you would need to build yourself as a brand.I totally understand.This was my very first question a few years ago.If you’re a freelancer on any profession you might already have a clue.You must have at one time felt insecure.Have you found yourself squeezed between so much competition that you’ve had to think multiple times before you sent an application?Well that’s exactly the reason why you must do anything to stick yourself out of the crowd.And I’m going to lead you to achieving just this!

Building a personal brand is the same as building any other professional brand.And what a brand needs is something that makes it different from the other one just lurking round the corner. So how do people achieve this? They offer things in a different way.This requires creativity and innovation.Do these two words bring your hopes down?You might as well be getting ready to pack your bags and say goodbye to this very post..If you are…chill down and keep reading buddy.That’s the exact reason it took  me such a lot of time to wrap up this guide! This guide is made to help everyone build a personal brand.And I think you’re included unless of course you’re something else. (Warning:Keep your pets away from the computer.My blog cant figure out if your cat is screwing up your keyboard!)

So let’s move on to the main part of this tutorial.Ill give you step by step points on how you can easily make yourself a brand and obviously aim to make it the best.

Your Unique Selling Point – This is the core factor that makes all kinds of brands vary from each other.Don’t worry , its not a unique point where you sell yourself…It is actually the point(reason) people would buy your service.This is how brand’s build recognition.The best way to make yourself a new USP is to ask yourself a single question and this will in itself give you an idea of what your USP can be.What are the benefits of your service or product? Make a list of all these benefits and separate the ones you think are the most important.Keep filtering the list by erasing the benefits that may not be of a big value and keep doing this until you get to the point where you’ll have one benefit that is the most important of them all.Well guess what, this is your USP.Congratulations!

Do or Die! – You must force this attitude into your mind if you want to meet success. Squeeze it through your ears or sniff it through your nose but never underestimate this! Once you’ve made yourself a USP, you are gonna have to prove it.And most importantly stick to it…Well this is exactly the point where the good brands differ from the bad brands.How? For example, what good would a Web Design brand be if it offers to strictly stick to the deadlines and wraps up your site 2 weeks delayed? You would most likely never come back to them for your next project…So you must see by now how important it is to do what you say you will , in this case it is your USP.Don’t promise to deliver an apple and send a banana flying your clients’ way.

Build A Fan Base – Fans come with popularity and your future depends on how you deal with this.A fan is not guaranteed to stay a fan unless you keep them one! And this can be achieved through building yourself a fan network.In this way you can trap your fans and will have much more time to think of ways to keep them coming back for your service or product.This has become a lot easier with the advent of social networks.Now its as much as building a fan page on Facebook or offering memberships and subscriptions to your viewers.This is not hard at all.I will obviously not go into how to register a facebook account.You can go find some info on Google.They probably have info on why your name is what it is! 🙂 So if you’re successful on building a fan base…what next? Do things that would keep them a fan of yours. This is as simple as brushing your teeth if you build a community..If you build an online community for your fans and allow them to take part ,they will keep it alive themselves.Give them a place where they can communicate and talk all they want.And the advantage to doing this is that the members are most likely to bring in referrals and most of the referrals will with time convert into a fan(if you are good at what you offer) . And if you take part in your own community, you’ll make yourself even better to their eyes and this will boost your popularity and make your brand even stronger..Its a win win thing!



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